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Cladding Spraying

Is the cladding on your home or commercial property in need of attention? Is it faded, dull or damaged?

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution? If so, Mister SprayIT has some good news!

Our cladding spraying services are exactly what you've been seeking. Here's what you need to know...

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Why Does My Cladding Look So Bad

Why Does My Cladding Look So Bad?

Exterior cladding is a great addition to a building, particularly on commercial properties. It adds style and character, making them look less like standard industrial units. Cladding also has insulating qualities, helping to regulate the temperature inside and keep energy costs down.

Weather Damage

Despite these marvellous qualities, the weather eventually takes its toll; wind, rain, frost and ice attack the cladding panels and fittings. Moss, mould and algae bloom across the surface. All of this results in panels becoming damaged, discoloured and unsightly, which reflects badly on your business and can affect staff morale.

Cut Edge Corrosion

Metal cladding often has exposed metal on the edges where the panel was cut. Rust eventually enters, causing the paint to lift away from the surface and start to peel. This is a common problem in industrial properties in the UK, known as cut edge corrosion.

So, how do you tackle these issues? Replacement panels can be expensive, which is why cladding spraying is such an attractive alternative.

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Mister SprayIT Professional On-Site Spraying Services

Mister SprayIT cladding spraying specialists will visit your premises and apply professional-grade coatings to your external cladding. These specialist coatings will transform your building to make the cladding appear brand new, without the need for costly replacement panels.

We are approved applicators for some of the leading brands in the specialist paint and coatings industry, such as Rust-Oleum and Tor Coatings. These products are developed specifically for outdoor use, offering between ten and fifteen years of protection against rust and further damage from the elements.

Won't It Cause Noise And Disruption?

There's not as much noise as you might think, although pressure washing can be loud at times.

However, our spray team aims to minimise disruption with every cladding spraying project. If you prefer, we can schedule the project to take place outside of your normal working hours.

What Does The Procedure Involve?

The first step is a free site survey to help us assess the scale of the job and provide an accurate quote. We can also check for potential hazards and put measures in place to limit the risk.

Once we are given the green light, our friendly team works its magic.

Mister SprayIT Professional On-Site Spraying Services

Preparing The Site

Our on-site spraying team will give all surfaces a thorough wash with a powerful degreasing agent to remove the dirt and grime. The surfaces are then treated with fungicide and herbicide to prevent mould, algae and moss from returning.

Cladding repairs are made to any damaged panels - those that are too badly damaged may need replacing. We will match them as closely as possible should the original cladding panels not be available.


All areas that don't need to be painted (signage, windows, lights, security cameras, etc.) are masked carefully for their protection from overspray, although our expert team is meticulous in their work and overspray is minimal.

Safe Working Platform

It's likely that we will need some form of scaffolding to allow our staff to work safely at height. If so, we will install this during the preparation stage, although we may use a mobile elevating work platform instead. All staff carry relevant certification for this equipment.

Spraying The Cladding Panels

Three coats are usually applied in most cases, with a break between coats to allow the paint to dry. Once the top coat has dried, all masking tape and sheets are removed.

The team will tidy up the site, remove any scaffolding, tools, materials and equipment and perform a final check before signing off.

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Cladding Spraying How Much Does It Cost

Cladding Spraying: How Much Does It Cost?

It's impossible to give an accurate figure for cladding, painting and spraying without knowing the full extent of the project. Industrial and commercial building sizes differ greatly, and it depends on which coatings or paints you select.

We can confidently say that Mister SprayIT professional spraying services are cost-effective compared with the expense of replacement cladding panels. What's more, your new-look building will be worth more as this process adds value!

Get in touch today for your free quote and find out how much you can save.

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Does It Take Long?

Again, it isn't easy to provide a specific answer without knowing the full size and scale of your project. However, spray painting is a much quicker process than traditional painting methods and the work will be completed rapidly and efficiently.

As stated above, we can work outside of normal business hours or at the weekends if required. As a rough guide, an average size industrial unit can usually be sprayed within one weekend.

Call us today and let us know the size of your building and we'll be happy to offer a better idea of the timescales involved.

Does It Take Long cladding spraying

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Choosing The Colour cladding spraying

Choosing The Colour

Industrial premises don't have to look drab! There's a wide variety of cladding coating and paint colours to choose from in the British Standard and RAL colour charts, and we can also create bespoke colours if you have something specific in mind. Speak to our team for expert advice on colour schemes and getting the best out of your cladding painting project.


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Do You Only Spray Cladding?

No, this is only one aspect of our professional spray painting services. Our dedicated spray team can also handle roof spraying, shutters, doors and windows, as well as a whole range of other painting processes.

Contact us to find out more!

Do You Only Spray Cladding

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Mister SprayIT Cladding Spraying Services

Mister SprayIT Cladding Spraying Services

It looks amazing, it's cost-effective and it provides protection for your cladding for many years.

So, what's stopping you from booking your cladding spraying session today?

You can improve your brand image by having your property resprayed, and without stretching your budget! In fact, it's a sound investment that will reap rewards from day one.

Our on-site spraying service is second to none, with competitive prices and a high-quality finish that will make your building look brand new.

Contact Mister SprayIT now for your free quotation and to arrange for your cladding spraying project to give your business premises the upgrade it deserves.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to spray UPVC cladding?

First, UPVC cladding needs to be spray painted. The equipment needed to do this is not readily available. Even if it were, it would run you hundreds of pounds. You can also use a brush but it takes four times as long and leaves brush marks that look terrible on plastic.

Is it better to spray or paint cladding?

Spray painting cladding is by far the most cost-effective, durable, and attractive method compared to painting with a brush.

Does respraying cladding last?

The paint will not lift or flake as long as it is properly cleaned and prepped before spraying. The finish will not wear.

Is it possible to spray uPVC fascia boards?

Brush marks can be created when you apply paint to PVC fascia boards and soffits. Spray painting is more efficient to achieve a smooth finish on your fascia boards or soffits. Spray painting is a highly skilled process that requires specialised equipment.

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