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Are you considering a change of career? Are you already in the decorating industry but you want to expand your skill set? Maybe you want to learn a new decorating skill to apply to your own renovation and home improvement projects?

Whatever your reasons, learning the art of spray painting is an excellent idea.

And who better to learn from than the experts at Mister SprayIT?

Our paint spraying courses will provide you with the best possible foundations, a base from which to launch a career, either with an established decorating business or to start one of your own. And if you are learning this skill so you can undertake your own spray painting projects at home, then you'll be able to produce amazing results.

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Why Should You Learn How To Spray Paint

Why Should You Learn How To Spray Paint?

Spray painting has taken off in a big way in the last decade or so. Improvements in the equipment at a professional level have led to astonishing results. The final finish is perfect, and the high-quality paints provide protection for at least ten years, usually much longer.

Any decorator who wants to keep up with changing trends should seriously consider learning the basics of spray painting, at the very least. Those who don't are in danger of being left behind, and that could mean fewer job opportunities and less work.

Learning how to spray paint proficiently also gives you an advantage when applying for decorating jobs.

While there will always be room for traditional painting methods, they are fast becoming outdated as more companies favour a modern approach. It's safe to say that spray painting is the future, and Mister SprayIT is leading the way forward.

Spraying courses are a sound investment!

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What Will You Learn On A Paint Spraying Course?

On a typical Mister SprayIT training course, you'll cover the following aspects:

Spray Equipment

Although you can buy spray paint systems in DIY stores, it is not as complex or as sophisticated as that which is used by professionals. We will teach you how to operate these machines competently and gain an understanding of how they work.

The equipment is broadly split into three types: HVLP, compressed air, and airless spraying machines.

What Will You Learn On A Paint Spraying Course

HVLP Machines

HVLP stands for high volume low pressure, which describes how it works - large volumes of air are used to move the paint, which is atomised at low pressure.

These are generally better for indoor work, such as walls and doors. Most can only handle thin paint and there isn't too much waste.

Airless Spraying

An airless spray gun uses a hydraulic pump to pull paint from the container into a high-pressure hose and through the gun itself onto the surfaces being sprayed. Airless spraying is used primarily for covering larger areas and is favoured by many spray painters. However, it is potentially the most wasteful of the three methods: unless you use the gun efficiently and accurately there is a risk of excessive overspray with 20-40% wastage.

Compressed Air Spray Guns

The cheaper of the three options, these are probably the easiest to use, making them ideal for beginners. They are perfect for large pieces of furniture and similar projects, although they do use a lot of paint and require a compressor to run them.

It's important to understand the difference between the three types of spray guns and to know which is best suited to specific types of work.

The Spraying Process

It's not just a simple matter of point-and-shoot! You need to know how to hold the spray gun, the optimum distance at which to hold the nozzle away from the surface, and how to keep the gun level with the surface while you spray.

We will train you in all aspects of the spraying process, offering tips to help you excel in this field.


You will learn how to fill the machines with paint (depending on the type) and the importance of cleaning them after use. You'll also be taught basic maintenance to keep the spray painting machine in good working order.

Spraying Techniques

Each spraying technique is suited to different scenarios, such as painting long panels, horizontal or vertical surfaces, and the type of paint or coating used. It is essential to learn these, as you won't achieve the desired effect by using the same technique every time.

Your spray course will focus on teaching you the correct angle to hold the spray gun, as this is vital to the success of each job.

Masking The Area

It is essential that you mask the area sufficiently to stop overspray. Bad masking will ruin a project completely as overspray will contaminate surfaces that weren't supposed to be painted.

Our paint spray courses teach you the best techniques for covering these areas expertly.

Different Surfaces

You will also be taught the correct way of painting a range of different materials and items, including:

Spraying UPVC Windows

Furniture Spraying

Walls, Ceilings and Trim

Garage Doors


Kitchen Cabinet Spraying

Guttering And Downpipes

Soffits, Bargeboards And Fascias

These are some of the items you would be expected to paint when working as a professional spray painter, so it pays to increase your knowledge and experience regarding them.

Health & Safety

Your spray training will include a section on health and safety as it is vital that you understand, identify and minimise all risks to yourself, your colleagues, and the general public.

Although many of the paints are considered safe, it is never good to breathe in atomised droplets. Masks and eye protection must be worn at all times during a spray paint session.

You will also be expected to handle powerful cleaning agents, some of which are covered by the COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health) regulations, so the importance of wearing PPE will be stressed. Finally, you will probably have to work at height at some stage, so you'll be advised how to work safely on a mobile platform or scaffolding.

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Which Course Should You Take

Which Course Should You Take?

This depends on whether you have any previous experience with using spray equipment. If you have never used it before, you'll need an introduction to the equipment and some of the theory behind it.

Some people will only require one course before they can use the equipment proficiently, while others may need to attend several paint spraying courses in order to pass.

What we can say with confidence is that once you have completed our spray course, you will qualify as being fully trained in the use of spray painting equipment. It's a great feather to have in your cap!

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Mister SprayIT Spray Painting Courses: Future Proof Your Career

We offer a comprehensive range of spray painting courses along with ongoing support for those who want to enhance their skills as painters and decorators.

The decorating industry, just like any other, is constantly evolving and adapting, and anyone who fails to keep up with the changes will be left behind.

Our training courses will ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge and experience to stay abreast of these developments. It's an investment in your future, increasing your potential to earn more money.

So, contact Mister SprayIT today for more details about our spraying course options or to book your place. It could be the best investment you make!

Mister SprayIT Spray Painting Courses Future Proof Your Career


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to learn how to spray paint?

No it's definitely not hard especially when you have Mister SprayIT to help you quickly learn the best spray painting techniques and avoid common mistakes.

Is paint praying a good job?

Yes, paint spraying is a good job and a good business model. Lots of people find spray painting very therapeutic and as a business it is very profitable.

How long does it take to become a qualified UPVC spray painter?

In under 1 week we can have you trained up and ready to start offering UPVC spray painting services to a very good standard to windows, doors, garage doors, kitchens & walls.

Do professional painters use sprayers?

Most painters these days use a paint sprayer just because it is so efficient to get coverage compared to the common paint brush. If there are a lot of items areas that would need masking up they might choose a brush instead.

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