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UPVC Door Spraying

Are you considering getting a new UPVC door? Before you go any further, take a moment to listen to what Mister SprayIT has to say - it could save a lot of money!

UPVC doors have been protecting our homes for several decades, offering improved protection and insulation properties when compared with traditional materials. They can be moulded into a range of pleasing designs that have enhanced countless homes across the UK.

Most of these doors are made from white UPVC, which is fresh and bright when it's first installed.

However, wear and tear takes its toll after a while, and your doors will eventually start to look grubby. Run your fingers across the surface, and you'll feel that it's grainy or pitted with tiny holes.

This is a sure sign that the UPVC is degrading. Eventually, it will become brittle and will crack easily under impact or through frost damage.

So, you either need to replace it before it reaches this stage, or you could call Mister SprayIT spray painting specialists. We can spray paint your UPVC door and make it look better than new!

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What is So Good About UPVC Door Spraying

What's So Good About UPVC Door Spraying?

Your front door is the focal point for visitors, so you want this portal to present a positive image. While you may not care what visitors or neighbours think of you or your home, nobody really wants a grimy front door. It's a matter of simple psychology; when your property looks good, you feel happier and in a better frame of mind.

And as we've seen, there's a risk that an old, weather-worn door will no longer be effective in protecting your home from the elements.

UPVC spray painting uses high-grade paints that coat your existing doors, restoring them to their former glory. In fact, the finish is so good that it often looks better than it did when first installed!

What's more, UPVC spray paint forms a durable shell that provides effective protection for at least ten years.

Is It Expensive?

We'll leave you to decide this, but here are the facts:

  • The average cost of supplying and fitting a UPVC door is around £800. The true cost is likely to be significantly higher. A composite or timber door will be between 50-75% more.
  • The average cost of spray painting UPVC doors is around £250.

Millions of homeowners across the UK have discovered that UPVC door spray painting is a cost-effective alternative to replacement doors.

What Are The Benefits?

Aside from saving you money (which is a good enough reason in itself for most people!), there are other benefits, as we hinted earlier:

  • It's quick and efficient
  • You get a perfect finish
  • It's extremely tough and durable
  • There's no building work involved
  • It strengthens the UPVC
  • It protects the UPVC for at least a decade!
  • The colours won't fade for a very long time
  • It looks absolutely amazing, adding kerb appeal and value to your home

In short, it looks like you've had new doors fitted, but for a fraction of the cost!

With UPVC spraying, you get the best of both worlds: a quality finish at a very reasonable cost.

How Long Does It Take?

The whole process should be completed in a single day - depending on how many doors are to be sprayed. The spray painting itself will probably take a couple of hours, as we need to allow time for each coat to dry.

The most time-consuming part of the job is the preparation. It is vital that this is completed properly to achieve a high-quality finish.

How Does It Look So Good?

Our professional-grade spray painting machines are built for the trade. They allow our trained and qualified paint technicians to regulate the flow of paint to cover the area evenly and efficiently.

The paint is atomised, meaning that we can get into the smallest of spaces; you won't get the same level of accuracy with a brush! As the paint cures, it sets into a solid shell and forms a single, durable shield.

You can choose from a matt, satin or gloss finish, all of which look fantastic. It's up to you as to which you go for, but most people opt for the satin finish as it's a good compromise.

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What Is The UPVC Door Spray Painting Process?

The experienced team from Mister SprayIT has perfected the procedure, and each step will be followed carefully to ensure perfect results. It is our express aim to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the procedure from start to finish, and that any disruption to their daily schedule is minimal.

This is what you can expect, once your spray painting session has been booked:

Site Inspection

We perform a site inspection to check that there are no unforeseen problems. Your location is an important factor; if your front door opens directly onto the street, we will need to erect a barrier to prevent members of the public from entering the working area.

Preparing The Site

Mister SprayIT spray painting specialists will cover up any areas that don't need spraying, using professional-grade masking tape and paper. Any removable fittings will be taken off and stored carefully. Sheets are laid on the ground to prevent any damage from drifting spray (this is unlikely due to our painters being highly skilled).

The team will clean the surface thoroughly and make any necessary repairs. They may sand it down lightly to ensure that the paint bonds well: it is essential that the surface is clean, smooth and completely dry before UPVC spray painting goes ahead.

The paint is mixed to the customer's specifications and placed in the spraying equipment.

Spray Painting Your Door

Your Mister SprayIT paint technicians then begin the spraying process.

It is applied in several thin coats, the first coat acting as a primer. Each coat takes around thirty minutes to dry before the next is applied.

When the final coat is dry, the team will remove the masking tape and any protective sheets before inspecting the work.

Tidying UP

All equipment, tools and debris will be cleared away to leave the site tidy and safe.

The job will only be signed off once everyone is satisfied with the work: there's nothing our team loves more than seeing happy customers!

What Is The UPVC Door Spray Painting Process

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A Professional Finish - Every Time

A Professional Finish - Every Time!

Well, this is only partly true.

With Mister SprayIT, you are guaranteed a flawless, quality finish because our staff are skilled and they use the best paints and equipment.

If you hire a UPVC spray painting company that uses sub-standard equipment and paints, or whose staff are poorly trained, then it's a pretty safe bet that you will be disappointed with the results.

With Mister SprayIT, however, the results speak for themselves - just ask our happy customers!

Don't take risks with your hard-earned money, invest in a competent, trustworthy brand and you'll reap the benefits.

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Can I Choose The Colour I Want?

Yes, you can. In essence, you can pick any colour you wish as there is a huge variety to choose from. Although colour charts are available, we can mix colours to find one that you love.

Not sure what colour scheme best suits your property? Speak to our friendly team and we'll give you the benefit of our experience. Anthracite grey has proved the most popular colour choice over the last few years, but it's up to you how bold you go.

Most homeowners like their windows and doors to be the same colour, so if yours don't match for whatever reason, we can spray paint your front door the same colour as the window frames.

Can You Paint Brown UPVC?

Yes! Brown was a popular colour some years ago, but fashions change. And as with white UPVC, the brown version suffers and becomes damaged over the years. If you want a new colour, we can give your doors a new lease of life with UPVC spray painting.

Can I Choose The Colour I Want

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Do You Use Ordinary Paint

Do You Use Ordinary Paint?

No, this paint is far from being ordinary!

Mister SprayIT uses high-quality solvent-based paint specially formulated for the task. It is designed for outdoor use and forms a protective barrier by bonding with the plastic on a molecular level.

This is what makes it so effective and extends the lifespan of your UPVC doors.

You may come across a spray painting service that uses inferior paints (usually water-based) but these won't adhere properly and they will fail within weeks of application.


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Can't I Do The Job Myself?

By all means, if you're a dedicated DIY enthusiast - it's your home, after all, and few things are more satisfying than spending the time to make it look amazing.

However, many people choose to avoid all the hassle, stress and effort of painting and decorating, as hand painting is no easy task. And it has to be said that the results are not always as good as you'd hoped.

The simple fact is that our experienced team are highly skilled in the use of UPVC spray paint. They also use professional-grade spray painting equipment that you won't find on sale at your local DIY store.

If you do decide to go down the DIY route, here's a handy tip: avoid using a paintbrush! A roller might do the job well enough, but a brush will leave brush strokes.

Also, if you like the idea of spray painting, don't make the mistake of buying spray paint cans as these won't be up to the task. Unless you're prepared to invest in a good quality spray painting machine, your best option is to give us a call.

Cannot I Do The Job Myself

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What Else Can Mister Sprayit Paint

What Else Can Mister Sprayit Paint?

We offer a complete solution for cost-effective home renovation. Our professional service includes the following:

UPVC window frames

Garage doors (UPVC, metal, fibreglass and timber)




Fascia boards

Barge boards




As you can see, we're not limited to spray painting your UPVC front door. Effectively, we can transform your whole house! Spraying UPVC windows and doors probably accounts for the bulk of our work, although people are catching on to the fact that other spray painting services are available - and they make good sense.

When your kitchen or old furniture looks tired and outdated but your budget won't stretch to having them replaced, our spray painting service offers an attractive solution.

And if your garage door has seen better days, our team will give it a fresh new look to match the rest of your home.

Potentially, Mister SprayIT can help you achieve your ideal home within a few days, saving you a massive amount of money on replacements or renovations. You'll also avoid the upheaval, mess, noise and inconvenience of building work.

Call us today for more information and for a free quote.

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Can You Spray UPVC At Any Time?

Our work tends to take place in the warmer, drier months, but it depends on the weather at the time. The specialist paints that we use are affected by temperature and humidity. Our UPVC door spray painting team will erect shades to protect the paint from strong sunlight. If it's too hot and humid, the paint will begin to evaporate and dry too quickly.

The same applies when the temperatures drop during the winter months, as the paint won't adhere to the surface properly and the finish will be poor.

It is never a good idea to undertake UPVC spray painting in heavy rain, as this will ruin the paint.

Ideally, spray painting should only go ahead if the air temperature is between 12 and 21º, although some paints have a limit of 30º. We will always try to work within these parameters to avoid any problems.

Can You Spray UPVC At Any Time

What Happens If The Weather Isn't Right?

Our first priority is to you, the customer. After all, you have chosen to invest money and faith in our UPVC door spray painting service, so we want the very best for you.

Should we decide to cancel or postpone a project due to adverse weather conditions, please understand that this is for your benefit. Although we could choose to go ahead, it would be the wrong decision as the finish may be compromised.

This is not something that we are willing to risk, as it reflects poorly on us as a business and it means that you don't receive the level of service that you deserve.

So, please bear with us if we postpone your project. We will rearrange for a more suitable time to ensure that you receive the very best results.


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Mister SprayIT Professional UPVC Door Spraying Service

Mister SprayIT Professional UPVC Door Spraying Service

We handle much more than just UPVC doors, but we're the team for you, however big or small your project is.

Whether you want us to spray paint a single UPVC door or have all your windows sprayed, our team is waiting for your call. You can choose to add in your garage door, conservatory, or your whole house, including the fixtures like gutters and downpipes!

The main thing is that you are in control. In these trying times of financial upheaval, every homeowner needs to keep a close eye on their budget, without compromising on the good things in life.

Our job is to provide an efficient service and professional finish at a price you can afford.

And that's why Mister SprayIT spray painting services make such good sense: you can make your home look outstanding without stretching your budget too far!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is spray painting UPVC doors a good idea?

It is a good idea to paint UPVC doors, but it must be done at the right time. You can cause them to flake or peel if you paint them too soon after they have been installed if the coating applied at manufacturing has not hardened fully.

Does spraying UPVC doors last?

The paint will not lift or flake as long as it is properly cleaned and prepped before spraying. The finish will not wear.

Is it better to spray or paint UPVC doors?

Spray painting UPVC doors is by far the most cost-effective, durable, and attractive method compared to painting with a brush.

Can I paint my uPVC door myself?

UPVC does not accept paints or varnishes on its surface. The main problem is that the paint must be able to adhere to the surface and bind to it. A paint must not only adhere to the UPVC surface but also be able to withstand thermal expansion, as the door or window expands and contracts throughout the year.

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