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On-Site Spraying

All buildings, whether commercial or residential, suffer from the effects of time and weather. Paint starts to peel and fade, leaving the property looking dreary and dull. Surfaces can become damaged, leaving an air of neglect.

At Mister SprayIT, we understand that full refurbishment is not always a viable option, which is why our on-site spray painting services are an excellent choice.

We can restore and renovate your residential or commercial building at a price to suit your budget.

If our paint spraying services sound appealing, read on to discover more!

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What Is On-Site Spraying

What Is On-Site Spraying?

Basically, our team of expert spray painters visits your property and transforms it using professional-grade spray painting equipment and specialist paint. Mister SprayIT ensures a flawless finish every time.

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The Advantages Of On-Site Paint Spraying

The main advantage is that spray painting offers a cost-effective alternative. Few home or business owners relish the thought of expensive replacement costs, especially these days.

The second best thing about on-site spraying is that it is quick and convenient. Of course, the size of the building plays a role in this, but relatively speaking, we can spray your property in far less time than it would take to have it refurbished. You'll also avoid the disruption, mess and noise of building work.

Next, we should mention the perfect finish you get with paint spraying. The results of professional on-site spraying are truly astonishing! Mister SprayIT spray paint technicians will leave your building looking like new.

Finally, everything is done for your convenience with minimum disruption. We come to your premises and spray the areas requested. Nothing is removed from the site, which saves time and improves efficiency. It's also a more environmentally sustainable solution as it cuts down on unnecessary travel.

The Advantages Of On-Site Paint Spraying

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What Do You Paint

What Do You Paint?

Mister SprayIT onsite spraying service can help with the following areas:

Shop fronts

Garage Doors

UPVC Windows And Door Frames

Walls and ceilings

Cladding Spraying

Furniture (including office furniture)

Lift Doors

Suspended Ceilings

Cut Edge Corrosion

Roller Shutters

Industrial buildings

Curtain Walls


House Exteriors

This is a sample of the on-site paint spraying work we can undertake, but do feel free to contact us to discuss any other areas where you think we may be able to offer spray painting solutions.

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The Paint Spraying Process mister sprayit

The Paint Spraying Process

Each paint spraying project is different, depending on what we're hired to spray and the size and scale of the job, but we follow a general procedure to maintain our high standards:

Site Surveys

The first step is to arrange a survey of the site to establish exactly what will be required. We will then provide a free, no-obligation quote.

We will then discuss the work schedule and consider any special requests, such as the need to work outside of office hours in order to minimise any disruption to your business.

Choosing The paint

Once a project plan has been set up, we will discuss what type of paint you require and which colours you prefer.

We can create a bespoke colour, which is ideal for establishing brand identity, or you can choose from an extensive range of standard colour options.


The Mister SprayIT on-site spray painters arrive on the specified day to begin work. They start with meticulous preparation of the building surfaces.

These are cleaned with industrial-grade degreasers and sanded as necessary to remove peeling paint, mould, moss or algae.

Minor damage, such as scratches, cracks and dents will be repaired expertly (for more serious damage, we may recommend replacement or repair by a specialist) using filler or etching compound.

Spray Painting

Any areas that are not to be painted will be masked or covered carefully to protect them from drifting spray. Dust sheets will also be placed around the floor space to prevent contamination.

The specially trained Mister SprayIT team will commence the spraying process, working efficiently and quickly while maintaining a professional approach at all times. These highly-skilled painters will achieve a factory finish with minimal overspray, thus reducing waste and costs.

Finishing Up

The masking tape and sheets are removed and all tools and equipment are packed away. The team performs a final inspection of the work before checking that the site is clean and tidy.

Once they are certain that the customers are satisfied with the end result, the job is signed off and the team leaves the site.


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Specialist Paints

Our commercial on-site paint spraying services include an option for improving fire resistance in your building.

If you have concerns about building surfaces that can't sustain high temperatures, we will use specially formulated coatings that will protect the materials from fire. We also ensure that all surfaces are coated correctly to achieve maximum effectiveness and protection.

Mister SprayIT only uses high-quality well known brands that are approved for use, so you can rest assured that your building will look fantastic and will be protected against fire damage.

If this is an area that interests you, be sure to enquire about our range of fire-resistant coatings and intumescent paints.

commercial on-site paint spraying services

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Mister SprayIT Professional On-Site Spraying Services

Mister SprayIT Professional On-Site Spraying Services

At Mister SprayIT, our first priority is to make happy customers. To achieve this, we rely on our exceptional staff, professional-quality equipment and superior paints.

We also work with leading industry-recognised manufacturers to ensure that standards remain high. This applies in all cases, whether we are undertaking a relatively simple task, like window frame spraying at a residential property, or a large-scale job, such as an office block or warehouse.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your home, rebrand your business or simply want a colour change, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your desire.

Mister SprayIT on-site paint spraying services - your first choice in low-cost renovations for residential and commercial properties. Call today for a free quotation and to discover how your property can be totally transformed without putting a huge dent in your budget!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you paint your equipment or buildings in the UK?

Your equipment & buildings should be painted once every 5-10 years. You can paint your exterior in a shorter time if you live in the south, where the weather is more dry.

What is the longest lasting exterior paint?

Acrylic paint is the most durable and can withstand all kinds of weather damage. Acrylic paint can withstand fading and damage from sunlight, which makes it ideal for homes in hot climates.

Is it better to spray or paint equipment & other items?

Spray painting any item iis by far the most cost-effective, durable, and attractive method compared to painting with a brush.

Can you paint factories, machinery & office furniture?

Spraying factories, machinery & office furniture is a cost-effective and affordable way to improve the exterior & interior appearance of any business or home. You can paint any exterior element, including shutters, windows, and brickwork.

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