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UPVC windows and doors look fantastic when they're first fitted, don't they? The brilliant white frames gleam in the sunlight, enhancing the property to create a smart, clean appearance that any homeowner would be proud of.

Even so, this beautiful look doesn't last forever; UPVC degrades over the years to become grimy and unattractive. You may have noticed this on your own property and you're unsure as to what to do about it. Above all, you want to save money.

If so, Mister SprayIT has the answer, with our professional UPVC spray painting service.

Want to learn more about spray painting UPVC? We've got all the information you need right here!

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can you spray paint upvc

Can You Spray Paint UPVC?

You can, but there's definitely a skill to it. You also need technical knowledge of the paints and equipment involved, so it's not a job that anyone can do - if you want the best results.

Fortunately, Mister SprayIT UPVC spray painters are qualified in both respects, with the knowledge, skills and experience to provide a flawless finish with each and every job.

If you really want to transform your home or business premises, we have a cost-effective method that gives stunning results.

What's Wrong With Using A Paintbrush?

Traditional painting by brush will always have a place in the professional decorator's skill set, but UPVC spray painting has the advantage of being much quicker. UPVC spraying also eliminates the risk of brush strokes and provides a superior finish.

Countless DIYers have used a paintbrush to upgrade their UPVC doors and windows, and many will admit that the results aren't as good as they'd hoped.

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Why Should I Spray Paint UPVC?

UPVC is designed to last between ten and thirty years, depending on the quality and the weather conditions it is exposed to.

Ultra-violet rays from the sun attack the surface of the plastic, causing it to break down. This allows dirt to get in, which is difficult to remove. Algae, moss and mould attach themselves, making the frames look unappealing and dirty.

While it's possible to clean UPVC frames, they never look quite the same as they once did, and eventually, they become brittle.

Replacing doors and window frames is an option (see the next section) but spray painting UPVC makes a lot more sense; it looks amazing and it provides a durable finish that protects the surface from UV rays and the weather for another ten years or more.

why should i spray paint upvc

Changing Fashions

Of course, there may be nothing wrong with your UPVC doors and windows, and you simply want a change of colour. If so, UPVC spray painting is exactly what you need!

Many homeowners like to match their garage doors to the rest of the house, as it ties the two structures in, making the property seem bigger and more connected.

Adding Value

Every homeowner wants their house to be worth more. However, you need to invest money in order to do this, and it's always a risk: will the investment you make be worth it? How much value will it add in real terms?

The simple fact is that UPVC spray painting is your best option if you want maximum results for minimum investment.

Kerb Appeal

If you're selling your home, UPVC spray painting can have a significant impact on your chances of securing a buyer. It's a low-cost method of dramatically improving the external UPVC, making it look amazing.

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cant i just replace my window frames

Can't I Just Replace My Window Frames?

Yes, you can! It's entirely your choice.

However, new windows will cost you between 25% and 75% more than UPVC spray painting.

The average cost of replacing UPVC windows and doors in a three-bedroom house is between £3,000 and £5,000.

You then have the inconvenience, noise and mess of building work to contend with.

All things considered, UPVC spray painting is a common-sense cost-effective alternative.

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What Does UPVC Spray Painting Involve?

The Mister SprayIT UPVC spray painting team will arrange to visit your home exterior, shop front or business at a convenient time. They will cause minimal disruption to your daily life or work routine and maintain a professional attitude and approach throughout the process.

Site Inspection

Any job begins with a site inspection before any work is undertaken. This allows us to establish exactly what the project involves and allows us to calculate the amount of paint required and the time needed to complete the work.

Your UPVC frames will be checked for any damage. Minor repairs can be made, but any badly damaged parts may need to be replaced to ensure the very best results. Only a disreputable contractor would agree to spray paint over broken UPVC. This will compromise the finish and the paint will fail. You will have paid out for a sub-standard service, on top of which you'll need to pay for proper repairs, followed by a respray by competent UPVC spray painters.

what does upvc spray painting involve

Health & Safety

During the inspection, we will also identify any potential problems or hazards and make provisions for working at height. All of our staff hold the relevant certificates for the use of various equipment, such as scaffolding or MEWPS (Mobile Elevated Working Platforms).

Site Preparation

Once this is checked off, Mister SprayIT UPVC painters will arrive and prepare the site by covering any areas not to be sprayed, such as non-UPVC fittings and glass. It is essential that professional-grade masking tape and masking paper are used, as anything sub-standard may allow the paint to seep through.

If necessary, we will remove any items (garden furniture, ornaments, pot plants, etc.) that are directly beneath the area being spray painted. This is to protect them and to reduce the risk of trips and falls while the team is working.

Anything that can't be moved will be securely covered to avoid drifting spray paint.

Spray Painting

The paint is mixed to the customer's specifications and added to the spray painting machine. Again, this is professional-standard equipment. You may come across companies advertising themselves as a professional service, but the equipment they use says otherwise. Poor-quality tools used by unskilled workers will always end badly; the finish will be unsatisfactory and the paint will flake within months, if not weeks.

The paint is applied quickly and efficiently, usually in three layers with a gap of around thirty minutes between coats to allow each one to dry.

We only use high-grade specialist paints that bond to the UPVC frames at a molecular level. As each coat is added, it combines with the previous one to create a single, solid layer of protection.

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doesnt spray painting upvc damage it

Doesn't Spray Painting UPVC Damage It?

No, UPVC spraying doesn't damage the original material in any way. Despite claims to the contrary on certain websites, UPVC spray painting actually preserves and protects the surface of the plastic, lengthening its life by at least ten years.

It won't surprise you to learn that most of these claims are made by double-glazing companies who would prefer you to buy new windows and doors.

Only Use Reputable Traders!

In fairness, their claims do hold true if you employ an inexperienced and unskilled spray painting company that uses low-quality paint and equipment. Mister SprayIT works only with the best materials and equipment to provide a high standard of work every time.


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What Colour Can You Spray My UPVC Windows?

If it's in the British Standard or RAL colour chart, you can have it! That gives you hundreds of colours to choose from, and there's certain to be one that takes your fancy. In fact, in most cases, we can mix them to create the perfect colour for your home.

Darker coloured UPVC windows have been popular for a couple of decades now, with anthracite grey setting off residential properties to great effect. It looks amazing and it doesn't ever look grubby like white UPVC often does.


If you need advice or you have a specific colour in mind, get in touch and we'll discuss this with you to get the right one. We can also match colours to existing ones as closely as possible. Maybe you have new garage doors and you want your window frames to match? We can do that for you. Have you had a new UPVC door fitted that isn't the same colour as your windows? We can resolve that, too!

what colour can you spray my upvc windows

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do you only spray houses

Do You Only Spray Houses?

Although residential properties constitute a big part of our work, we also offer our professional service to owners of commercial properties as well.

Your building is a physical representation of your business, so it needs to look its best if you want to attract customers and clients. Mister SprayIT will help to maximise this by spray painting your internal and external UPVC in the colours of your choice. We will transform your property to create the image you desire and deserve; a modern, successful, thriving business.

What's more, we will arrange our visit to fit in with your working hours, so there will be minimum disruption to your schedule.

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do you only spray paint windows and doors


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can you upvc spray paint other materials

Can You Spray Paint Other Materials?

Yes, within reason. Although most properties have UPVC doors and windows fitted, some are made of wood or 'composite' materials.

In theory, UPVC spraying methods can work on these just as effectively, but we would need to perform a thorough check to make sure that this was the case.

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Mister SprayIT UPVC Spray Painting Services

Whatever your project, whether it's a garage door or a front door that's looking faded and dull, or an entire house, including the conservatory, our professional UPVC spray painters will do a fantastic job.

They will also work their magic on commercial properties, making you stand out from your competitors.

Mister SprayIT UPVC spraying provides the complete solution, whether for upgrading homes, boosting kerb appeal, or improving commercial properties.

Get in touch with us now for a free quote and a friendly chat about your UPVC spraying requirements. In times of financial uncertainty, you need a solution that makes sense economically. And that's where Mister SprayIT UPVC spray painters can help.

mister sprayit upvc spray painting services

Frequently Asked Questions

Is spray painting UPVC a good idea?

It is a good idea to paint UPVC, but it must be done at the right time. You can cause them to flake or peel if you paint them too soon after they have been installed if the coating applied at manufacturing has not hardened fully.

Does spraying UPVC last?

The paint will not lift or flake as long as it is properly cleaned and prepped before spraying. The finish will not wear.

Is it better to spray or paint UPVC?

Spray painting UPVC is by far the most cost-effective, durable, and attractive method compared to painting with a brush.

Can I paint my uPVC myself?

UPVC does not accept paints or varnishes on its surface. The main problem is that the paint must be able to adhere to the surface and bind to it. A paint must not only adhere to the UPVC surface but also be able to withstand thermal expansion, as the door or window expands and contracts throughout the year.

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