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Kitchen Spray Painters

Are your kitchen cabinets looking out of date? Maybe they're a bit worn out through heavy use over the years? While you might think that replacing them is the only option, Mister SprayIT has another solution with our kitchen spray painting service.

For many households and families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where meals are prepared with love, maybe every day, or maybe only on special occasions where friends and families meet. Either way, it has to be a functional space that's a pleasure to work in.

So, how can Mister SprayIT help you?

You're about to find out.

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Why Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Why Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Maybe your existing kitchen cabinets are in good working order and you're happy with the layout, but they're scratched and worn through use. While you could get replacement cabinets, this seems like a waste of money and resources - even more so if they still look good but you simply want a change of colour!

Although things are gradually changing as laws are put into place to reduce the amount of waste we create, most of the debris from old kitchens ends its days in a landfill site. If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, spray painting kitchen cabinets is an excellent way to go.

Here are a few other advantages:

Spraying Kitchen Cabinets Is A Cost-Effective Alternative

This is the clincher for most savvy homeowners. Why spend hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds more on a replacement kitchen when you can have a new look for much less?

On average, you can save as much as 75% compared with the cost of a new kitchen and 50% compared with replacement cabinets.

It Doesn't Take Long

Mister SprayIT spray painting specialists have perfected the process, working quickly and efficiently to get the job done. We aim to cause minimal disruption and leave you to enjoy your fabulous new kitchen.

A Flawless Finish

Your kitchen cabinets will look better than new! We only use the best paints in the trade, so you can rest assured of a factory finish. Anyone who didn't know that your kitchen had been sprayed would believe that it had just been installed. That's how good the results are!

There's No Messy Building Work!

Having a new kitchen fitted is a noisy, messy business that can take days or weeks to complete.

Why put yourself through all the hassle when we can spray paint kitchen cabinets in less time, causing minimal disruption?

It Provides A Hard Wearing Surface

The specially formulated spray paint bonds to the surface of your kitchen cupboards, forming a solid shell that protects against wear and tear. It's easy to maintain and is fully washable, so you can wipe away the grease and smears.

Kitchens are notorious for becoming coated with grease, so this paint will help you to fight back, keeping the surfaces fresh and clean.

It Adds Value

Are you selling your house? If so, giving your cabinets a fresh look with a kitchen respray is a fantastic idea as it instantly boosts appeal, and you'll recover the respray cost in the sale of your home.

Even if you're not selling, you want your home to look its absolute best. And it's good to know that you've increased its value by keeping it looking great.

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How Does It Work?

After the initial consultation, we may ask to inspect your kitchen to gain a better idea of what the job entails and for the team to familiarise themselves with the site.

Preparing The Site

The doors and drawers will be removed from your kitchen units and integrated kitchen appliances, along with any removable fittings and fixtures.

Any parts that can't be removed (side panels, plinths, etc.) will be thoroughly cleaned with a powerful degreasing agent.

The surfaces are lightly sanded to help the paint adhere, and any areas that don't need painting will be carefully masked to protect them.

Spray Painting

Removable parts are cleaned and dried thoroughly to remove grease or dirt and then sanded lightly. They can be sprayed on-site in a temporary spray booth or taken to our workshop for spraying. We generally paint both sides of the cupboard doors along with all the edges, as this gives a better overall appearance.

One coat of primer is used if necessary (depending on the material), although the first coat of spray paint usually acts as a primer.

Refitting The Parts

Once they are dry, all of the removable parts will be reinstalled and adjusted. Masking tape and protective coverings are removed and the site will be tidied up.

After one final check to make sure all is in order, the team will sign off the job and leave the site.

How Does It Work - Kitchen Cabinets

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How Soon Can I Use My Kitchen

How Soon Can I Use My Kitchen?

Once we have left the site, the paint will need a further 24 to 48 hours to cure completely, depending on the air temperature and humidity at the time.

Don't worry, it will be touch dry within about 15 minutes, so you won't spoil the finish if you come into contact with the surface. Even so, it's a good idea to avoid having too much contact with the surface for a couple of days.

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What Is Included In The Respray?

We respray kitchen cabinets, plinths (or kickboards), end panels, pantry cabinets, wine racks, drawer fronts and any non-removable parts. Please advise us which parts you would like painting and what colours you want them to be.

We can also include tiles or a glass splashback if you wish.

As you'd expect, the cost will rise in line with the number of items you include. We will also need to allow more time to complete the work. Please be as specific as possible when booking your kitchen spray painting session as we want to get things just right for you.

What Is Included In The Respray

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Can You Give Me An Exact Cost Of Kitchen Spraying

Can You Give Me An Exact Cost Of Kitchen Spraying?

Not without knowing exactly what the project involves. We need to know the size of your kitchen, which parts you want painting, and what colour (or colours) you prefer. The size of your kitchen cupboards plays a part: standard kitchen cabinets will cost less than pantry cabinets as they are smaller.

It would be misleading and unethical to suggest a precise figure before knowing all the relevant information. However, we are more than happy to offer a free quote once you tell us what you require. There are no hidden costs or nasty surprises!

At this stage, we can only offer an average respray cost, which is in the region of £800 to £1,000.

What we can say with confidence is that our kitchen spraying service will save you money.


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Can I Choose The Colour?

Yes! You can pick from any of our RAL colours, or we can mix a bespoke colour of your choice. The range of colours is better than ever these days; popular heritage and National Trust colours give a touch of class, while classic Farrow & Ball colours add style and panache.

Can I Choose The Colour

Choosing The Right Colour

While it might not seem that important, it's worth taking time to consider this carefully. After all, you're going to see this colour every day! And if you make the wrong choice, you either have to live with it or arrange for a second respray to cover it up.

Most people choose a new colour to give their home a fresh look, but this is entirely up to you.

Colours have a huge effect on us - much more so than we often realise. Different colours affect our moods in subtle ways, influencing the way we act and feel. Some tones and shades sap your energy and make you feel lethargic, while others energise and invigorate you.

In the kitchen, colours change the look of our food, either making it look more appealing, or putting us off completely.

The Importance Of Lighting

Much depends on the lighting in your kitchen. Do you have a lot of natural light, or do you rely on artificial lighting? These facts have to be taken into consideration to achieve the right balance.

If you need expert advice about choosing the perfect colour for your kitchen cabinets and drawer fronts, speak to our professional team. We'll help you to pick the best colour for you and your home.

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Can I Change The Handles On My Kitchen Cupboards

Can I Change The Handles On My Kitchen Cupboards?

Yes, the handles and knobs can be changed, as long as you inform us when you arrange your kitchen respray. Choose your cupboard handles and drawer knobs beforehand, and we will fit them for you. Your Mister SprayIT specialist spray painters will drill new holes and fill the old ones perfectly. When your doors and drawers are fitted in place, the new handles will look as if they've always been there!

This allows you to alter the design as well as the colour, which will totally transform your kitchen.

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What If My Kitchen Cupboards Have Already Been Painted?

This will only be a problem if an oil-based paint was used originally, as this does not cover well. We would need to check this to be certain, but we might be unable to go ahead with your kitchen spraying project in some cases, unfortunately.

What If My Kitchen Cupboards Have Already Been Painted


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Can You Respray Kitchen Cabinets If Theyare Damaged

Can You Respray Kitchen Cabinets If They're Damaged?

It depends on the nature of the damage. Most scrapes, scratches and dents in your kitchen doors can be filled and painted over.

However, if the damage is too severe, you may need to have that particular part replaced as we won't be able to guarantee the best results.

The same applies to hinges; if they are rusted and in bad repair, it may be better to replace them entirely rather than risk the success of the project.

We will always recommend the best course of action that we feel will be in the customer's best interests.

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Do You Respray Wooden Kitchen Cabinets?

Mister SprayIT spray paint kitchen cabinets of many different types, including:

Wooden kitchen cabinets





Some materials require a different approach, and our team may need to use primers or a special paint to ensure the best results. The surface is often sanded to allow the paint to bond with the material.

Several sources claim that kitchen spray painting is not good for textured detail on cupboard doors as it fills in the contours and covers the design. However, in our experience, this is not the case. The atomised spray paint is applied in a series of very thin layers, so it is never usually thick enough to fill in any contours or detail on the door surface.

Do You Respray Wooden Kitchen Cabinets


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Spray Painting Vs Replacement Cabinets The Facts

Spray Painting Vs Replacement Cabinets: The Facts

You'll find websites out there that encourage you to get a replacement kitchen rather than respraying your existing kitchen cabinets. Some of these present a very negative idea about kitchen spray painting, and that's hardly surprising; they are trying to sell you a brand new kitchen! Traditional painters also claim that their methods are better than spray painting kitchen cabinets. Again, this is to protect their own interests.

While Mister SprayIT sympathises with this, as we all want our businesses to thrive, the points they make about kitchen resprays are incorrect.

Let's take a look at each claim and give you the facts:

  • Traditional painting with a brush gives equal or better results. Anyone who has compared the two will know that this is not entirely true. Spray painting by competent professionals (like Mister SprayIT) always looks superior to other painting methods. Traditional hand painting often leaves brush marks, however skilled the painter may be.
  • A kitchen respray takes longer than a refit or replacement. A full kitchen remodel can take up to nine weeks. Fitting a handful of cabinet doors may only take two or three days, but this doesn't transform your kitchen like a respray. On average, a refit takes between one and four weeks, which is longer than a respray.
  • The paint isn't tough enough for the job. Wrong again! Mister SprayIT uses the best paints in the trade. These are designed to be scratch resistant and durable and are also fully washable. They can withstand life in the kitchen, including the changes in temperature and the bumps and scrapes you'd expect to happen. You can expect your spray-painted cabinets to last just as long as new kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Replacing kitchen cabinets is no more expensive than a respray. Let's look at the true costs, as you can find out for yourself on sites like Checkatrade. A full kitchen respray will be somewhere around £800 to £1,000 and that's for the whole kitchen. Replacing kitchen cupboard doors alone will cost between £700 and £1,600. A full kitchen renovation will cost between £6,000 and £10,000, and maybe as much as £20,000 if you go for high-end fittings.

The only exception to any of these points is where inferior paints and equipment are used by unskilled tradespeople.

This supports the fact that if you use a reputable, competent spray painting company, like Mister SprayIT, you are making the right choice.

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Choose Your Spray Painting Company With Care!

Sadly, there are too many rogue traders and contractors waiting to take money from unsuspecting clients.

The online digital world makes it easier for these people, as it doesn't take much to set up a shiny website that's packed with lies. They'll steal photos from other websites and make false claims about qualifications and previous work.

So, how do you avoid them?

Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Check out reviews online. Although these can be faked to an extent, you can usually tell if they are genuine. Look for a company with excellent customer reviews.
  • Look them up on 'safe trade' websites. For most businesses, reputation is everything and they'll be keen to appear on lists of reputable companies, such as Checkatrade.
  • Look for affiliations and recommendations. All trades in the UK have some kind of governing body or an organisation that oversees and regulates traders. Many of them offer certificates or endorsements that can be checked out.
  • Branding. Although perhaps a little unfair on very small operations or sole traders, check the company's brand. Do they have the logo painted on their van or printed on their clothes? It's not foolproof, but an established, reputable brand will always present a smart image.
  • Beware cheap quotes! Dodgy dealers will usually undercut other quotes to hook you in. Of course, few of us can resist a bargain, but when it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. Sadly, rogue traders will either provide shoddy, second-rate work (if they turn up at all), or they'll hit you with extra costs along the way. Often, it's both.
  • They can start the job today. Most legitimate, successful spray painting businesses are booked up for a few weeks at least. Anyone who promises to start the job immediately should set alarm bells ringing.
  • They insist on cash upfront. This is usually a sure sign that something isn't right. You'll be lucky to see them again, and if they do turn up, don't be surprised if the work is substandard or they leave the job half-done.
  • There's no contract. A written contract of work stating the terms and costs clearly protects both the client and the company. A verbal agreement is never good enough! Don't be fooled by a friendly face and smooth talk. Sadly, it doesn't pay to trust everyone and take them at their word.

Above all, trust your own instincts. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, don't go ahead - it's not worth the worry and hassle.

Hopefully, we haven't terrified you too much! These are simply points to help you avoid a painful and costly experience.

Although rogue traders and unscrupulous contractors are around, there are plenty of reliable, reputable companies out there, including Mister SprayIT.


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Do You Only Spray Paint Kitchens

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Mister SprayIT Professional Kitchen Spray Painters

We've given you a lot of information to digest here!

If you take one thing away from this page it should be this: spray painting kitchen cabinets makes good financial sense.

It's a cost-effective alternative to replacing your kitchen doors and drawers and is definitely much cheaper than a brand-new kitchen. And as far as kitchen refurbishments go, it can't be beaten in terms of the quality of the finish.

Mister SprayIT offers a high-quality service that you can rely on, not just for giving your kitchen units a new lease of life. We offer a comprehensive UPVC spray painting service that will effectively renovate your whole home for a fraction of the cost of replacement or remodelling work.

Call us today for a free quote and to discuss your plans and ideas. We offer an affordable option that allows you to achieve your dreams without having to worry about your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a kitchen respray last?

A well-maintained finish can last for up to 10 years. Our work is guaranteed for two years. We will return to fix any problems, no fuss. A touch-up kit is also available to repair any damage with minimum effort.

Do you paint both sides of kitchen cabinet doors?

Yes, we paint both sides. Let them dry completely between coats. Start with the back of your cabinet doors. First, apply one coat. Wait 24 hours before applying the second coat.

Can a high gloss kitchen be sprayed?

We are specialists in spraying kitchen cabinets including ones with a glossy finish that reflects lots of light. The preparation of the cabinet doors is whats key to a good bond.

Should cabinets be gloss or satin?

Satin finishes are more durable than semi-gloss, but they don't have the same durability and versatility as semi-gloss. Semi-gloss paints are better suited for kitchen cabinets that are exposed to high levels of moisture.

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