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Vinyl Wrap Kitchen VS Spray Painted Kitchen

Vinyl Wrap Kitchen VS Spray Painted Kitchen

Revamping your kitchen is a great idea. Sometimes you need a refresh in order to feel good in a room, and your kitchen is no exception. With that said, kitchens are often the last room in the house to get an update, because so many of us believe it's a huge task that will cost a lot of money.

But is that fair to say?

Well, it depends which route you go down. You could buy a whole new kitchen, of course, achieve a flawless finish and get great results after completely tearing out your existing kitchen and starting again. But that will cost you a lot of money.

Alternatively, you could try vinyl wrapping or spray painting - both of which will yield amazing results, whilst saving you a considerable amount of money.

But which is best for you?

Why A New Kitchen Isn't Necessary

Before you decide if you want to spend the money on a kitchen remodel, you first need to decide what the problem with the current setup is for you.

Of course, if you hate the layout and find it doesn't work for you, and if the kitchen cupboards are rundown, broken, and very old, then newer kitchen units and a new layout would make a lot of sense, right?

But if the fundamentals of your kitchen don't feel wrong to you, then why spend all that money on a remodel that could potentially cost a lot and take at least a few months to complete?

If you want quick results, then consider a vinyl wrap or spray paint approach instead. This can completely transform your kitchen cabinets and kitchen doors in no time at all, for a fraction of the cost.

These two options aren't your only options, though. Other options are available, but we often find that kitchen cabinets that have been vinyl wrapped or spray painted can get a desired new look much faster than most other options, all whilst providing a durable, cost effective solution to your problem.


Spray Paint VS Vinyl Wrap: What Are They?

If you decide to go ahead with kitchen spraying or vinyl wrapping, then you're going to need to learn more about the process, right? To make sure it's the right option for you...

Spray Painting Explained

Spray painting your kitchen involves professionals coming in with spray paint and a spray gun, and completely transforming the cupboards and units in your kitchen. A kitchen spray is quick, but you will obviously need to factor in the time it takes for the team to protect any areas of your kitchen that aren't going to be sprayed, and for the cupboards to dry after the new colour has been applied.

Once the kitchen cupboards have been spray painted and dried, the new look will be long-lasting. You also get a lot of control over the transformation, since you can choose between different finishes like matte, satin, or a gloss finish.

Spray paint is a great option for those wanting a permanent change with a smooth finish to suit you.

Spray Painting

Vinyl Wrapping Explained

Vinyl wrap is slightly different. This involves covering your kitchen cupboards in a vinyl wrap, where professionals simply peel off the back of it and stick it to your kitchen cupboards and units, transforming them in almost any colour or pattern you could imagine.

For this reason, vinyl wrap offers a unique finish. The colour and pattern can be individualised to suit you, and the resulting cupboard can be entirely bespoke. But this is just a short-term fix.

Since the vinyl wrap is just designed to stick to the cupboards, they can be peeled off again. This is great if you want to keep your options open, but it also means the finish isn't as durable, since it can just peel away from the cupboards. When vinyl wrap does this, it can be difficult to glue it back on smoothly, meaning the finish isn't always the best.

It is, however, cost effective and much more individualistic than standard spray paint.

Vinyl Wrapping

Which Is Best For You?

So those are the two main options you have when you want to transform your kitchen for less money than a remodel. But which one is best for you? Well, to help you decide that, we'll present some pros and cons of each below.

Spray Painting Pros And Cons


  • Smooth finish you have control over
  • Results that last a long time
  • Often a quicker application
  • Can transform cupboards as well as walls and doors
  • No maintenance after spraying because the paint won't require it


  • Drying times
  • More expensive option

Vinyl Wrapping Pros And Cons


  • Lots of choice over colour and patterns
  • Short-term, so can change your mind later
  • Affordable option


  • Less long-lasting - it can start peeling - especially if near heat
  • Works better with a matte cabinet than a gloss one
  • More time-consuming than spraying
  • Maintenance required - keeping the vinyl wrap clean

Making Your Mind Up

Really, the choice is yours. If you're looking for a short-term solution that will cost less money and give you a lot of control creatively over the finished look, then vinyl wrap is a great option. For those seeking a long-term fix that will last much longer and require next to no maintenance, then spray paint is a great idea.

Kitchen 1

Final Thoughts

It's easy to get a new look in your kitchen with both vinyl wrap and spray painting. Which is better for you, though, really depends. After all, it all comes down to the individual and what they're looking for. Long-term vs short-term fix. Your budget. How much creative choice you'd like to have. Which finished look you personally prefer. These are all factors that need considering.

Either way, vinyl wrap and spray paint are both great options when you want to transform the look of your kitchen quickly for a fraction of the cost of a remodel. But make sure you decide which is best for you before you start, so you don't regret your choice later.

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