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What Is Kitchen Wrap

What Is Kitchen Wrap

If you've ever heard the term kitchen wrapping or vinyl wrapping and wondered what that means, don't worry. Many people have. The wrapping process isn't something that lots of people talk about because more often than not, when people want to transform their kitchen, they'll opt for painting the kitchen units a new colour or simply purchasing a brand new kitchen.

But there's a third way, and it's vinyl wrap, and it's actually the most cost effective of the options, too. Below we'll talk you through everything there is to know about vinyl kitchen wrap, the kitchen wrapping process, and the pros and cons of opting for vinyl wrap kitchen cabinets over the other options.

Ready to find out if vinyl wrapping is for you? Then read our overview below!

What Is Kitchen Wrapping?

Kitchen wrapping is essentially where you take rolls or sheets of vinyl wrap that's capable of being stuck over kitchen cupboards, unit doors, drawers, worktops - pretty much anything in the entire kitchen - to transform them all.

It helps give your kitchen a totally new look without having to go through the expense of buying new doors, new units, or even a completely new kitchen. Instead, you make use of the things you already have in your kitchen, and stick over them with vinyl wrap that comes with an extensive range of colours and patterns!

There are two main types of vinyl wrap, and the difference is how they are applied. Heat activated vinyl wraps are applied over the kitchen cupboards and unit doors, and then heated to stick it to the cupboards and worktops, replacing the old look with ease. The second type is adhesive, meaning you simply peel back a protective layer, and then stick the vinyl wrap over the kitchen units, etc, acting like a large sticker. Adhesive vinyl wrap is typically the most popular option for its different types of finishes, colours, and patterns, and ease of application.

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Are Vinyl Wrap And Kitchen Wrap The Same Thing?

Yes. Vinyl wrapping, kitchen wrap, vinyl kitchen wrap - they're all the same thing. It simply refers to the process of wrapping drawers, units, cupboards, and other objects in your kitchen with vinyl. Wrapped objects will then have a new appearance and style, without having to replace them.

How Do You Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Cabinets?

Surprisingly, wrapping objects and surfaces with vinyl isn't as complicated as it first seems. Using adhesive vinyl is even easier (hence why many people refer to it as elite vinyl or the best choice). So, how do you do it?

The first step is cleaning. Take soapy water and make sure all the cabinets, cupboards, drawers, and surfaces that are to be wrapped are thoroughly clean. Any grease or oils from cooking, or just general dirt or debris, could mean the wrap isn't able to be stuck to the surface as easily. Once clean, allow to dry. Moisture will prevent the vinyl from sticking.

Next, you'll need to remove all the doors, fittings, and fixtures. This is so you can measure them effectively and ensure the project is completed to a high standard. Once you can measure everything effectively, go ahead.

Now you'll need to cut the vinyl to size - but make sure you leave a few extra centimetres so you can fold them over the edges and corners of the furniture you cover.

Once you've placed the vinyl wrap over the cupboards, ensure you start peeling the backing paper away slowly, using a smoother to avoid air bubbles. Then make a diagonal cut at the corners to fold the excess vinyl wrap over the edges smoothly.

Now all that's left to do is leave it to adhere, usually around 24 hours or so. After this time, the kitchen door, cupboards, drawers, etc, can be attached again and used as normal.

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Professional Installation Vs DIY

With the right materials and knowing the details of how to wrap your kitchen, it's a straightforward job, and one that many keen DIY enthusiasts will take on themselves. But be warned. This is not a job for the fainthearted. It requires a steady hand and lots of patience to achieve a high-quality finish that's highly durable.

For an elite vinyl finish, we'd recommend getting the professionals in. That way, they can decide the best way to tackle your particular units, doors, and cupboards, etc. They'll also have the best chance to create a transformation in the room that will match your expectations. All too often DIY enthusiasts end up with a finished project that doesn't quite look the way they had hoped for...

How Vinyl Wrapping Can Transform Your Kitchen

Vinyl wrap is an amazing product, there's no denying that. If you have cupboards with a specific paint colour you no longer like, or an old wood grain you want to cover up, then you can do so, and on a budget too!

You can change textures, colour, even the look of the materials themselves. Do you want the worktops to look stone or metal? Maybe you're tired of the old spray paint, and simply want the kitchen door to have a new, bold colour? Whatever difference you want to make, you can do it quickly, and for the fraction of the cost of other methods with wrapping.

What Finishes Are Available With Vinyl Wraps?

You can achieve any look you want, really:

  • wood
  • marble finish
  • gloss
  • paint
  • matt
  • modern or traditional

If you can picture a kitchen style you like, then there will be a quality vinyl wrap out there that can help you change the appearance of the room for a brilliant price. The only limit is your imagination!

And since almost anything in your kitchen can be wrapped, from your kitchen door to your cupboard doors and almost everything in between, you get to decide what a new kitchen looks like for you, but in a much more budget friendly way!

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How Long Will Vinyl Wrap Last?

If wrapped by a professional, then the job should be long-lasting. When wrapped professionally, you can be confident that the vinyl has adhered to the doors and units effectively, so it won't start peeling unexpectedly any time soon (although heat may cause this in some cases).

Of course, you will need to maintain it. Keeping the vinyl free of a scratch can be difficult, and regular cleaning will certainly be necessary, but if you care for your vinyl wrap it can certainly last in your kitchen for a long time.

A wrapping project should last up to 10 years before it needs to be replaced.

What's The Cost?

The cost of the job really depends on who you're hiring. An elite vinyl wrap job will cost more than one from a novice. Hire professionals who really know what they're doing, and the cost may be a little higher, but the quality of the finish will be much better. And material costs change all the time.

With that said, you can expect a medium-sized kitchen with the vast majority of worktops, drawers and units being covered for a total cost of around £1200 to £2000. Remember, of course, that this finish will last for around 10 years too, so that's a very reasonable price!

Still need convincing that vinyl wrap is a great idea? Then check out our honest pros and cons below!

Pros Of Vinyl Wrapping

  • budget friendly
  • super customisable
  • easy to apply
  • durable for up to 10 years
  • looks great and really transforms a room
  • easy to remove if you reconsider

Cons Of Vinyl Wrapping

  • heat may result in peeling, and cabinets with a gloss finish may not be suitable
  • moisture may also result in vinyl peeling from a door or cupboard
  • some maintenance required to keep it looking great

When Vinyl Wrap Is Right For You

You'll know if this method is right for you if you're somebody who actually likes your kitchen's layout, but just fancies a new look. If you love bold colours and patterns, and want to protect the surface of your cabinet, door, or cupboard, etc, all for a reasonable price, then vinyl wrap is for you.

Save a little time to do your research before jumping in your car and picking out the wrap from a local shop, though. You want to be sure this is the right move for you. But if you're confident, then this can be a great way to transform your kitchen for a relatively small amount of money!

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Final Thoughts

Kitchen wrapping can really make a huge difference to your life. Just make sure you hire professionals if you're not confident about getting stuck in yourself. Then you can be certain that the results will be high quality, long lasting, and incredibly stylish!

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